Kathi Roll

TSh 9,000

Kathi roll is an Indian street food dish hailing from Kolkata. It consists of skewered and roasted kebab meat that is wrapped in paratha flatbread. Some say that the dish was invented because the British didn’t want to eat kebabs with their hands, so an ingenious person at Nizam’s restaurant rolled the meat in a paratha.

Initially, kathi roll was prepared with eggs and chutney along with the meat. Typically, the cook will roll the dough on a tawa, crack an egg onto it, then add the fillings. Kathi roll is traditionally wrapped in paper and served piping hot. In the 1960s, the cooks at Nizam’s replaced the metal skewers with bamboo skewers, giving the dish its name, kathi roll, as kathi means stick in Bengali.

Nowadays, this tasty wrap can also be found in cities such as New York City and London.

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