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Idli is a traditional, savory Indian cake that is a popular breakfast item in numerous South Indian households, although it can be found throughout the country. It is made with a batter consisting of fermented lentils and rice, which is then steamed.

These savory cakes are commonly served hot and consumed on their own, dipped into sambar or chutneys, or seasoned with numerous spices. With its huge popularity in India, there are also many other versions of idli, such as rava idli, which uses semolina instead of rice in the batter, or malli idli, which are idlis fried with curry leaves and coriander.

The origin of idli is still a subject of debates, with different sources claiming different origins, so some say it is originally from Gujarat, some say it’s from Karnataka, while the others believe it was invented in Indonesia. Regardless of its origin, idli remains a staple breakfast food in numerous Indian kitchens.

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