Schezwan Dosa

TSh 15,000

Schezwan Dosa is a delicious and spicy fusion dish that combines the South Indian dosa with the bold flavors of Schezwan sauce, a popular Chinese condiment. This unique dish offers a delightful blend of Indian and Chinese culinary influences.

To prepare Schezwan Dosa, start by making the dosa batter from a mixture of rice and urad dal (black gram dal), similar to traditional dosa batter. The batter is fermented until it becomes slightly sour and develops bubbles.

For the Schezwan sauce, you can either use store-bought Schezwan sauce or make it at home by sautéing garlic, ginger, dried red chilies, and other spices in oil. Add tomato paste, soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar to create a spicy and tangy Schezwan sauce.

To make Schezwan Dosa, spread a ladleful of dosa batter thinly on a hot griddle (tawa) greased with a little oil or ghee. Once the dosa starts to cook and turn golden brown, spread a generous amount of Schezwan sauce evenly over the dosa surface.

You can customize your Schezwan Dosa with additional toppings such as finely chopped onions, bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, and cooked and shredded chicken or paneer (Indian cottage cheese) for a vegetarian option. Sprinkle some shredded cheese over the toppings if desired.

Fold the dosa over the filling to enclose it or roll it up like a wrap. Allow the dosa to cook for a few more minutes until the cheese melts and the filling is heated through.

Serve the Schezwan Dosa hot, cut into pieces, and enjoy with extra Schezwan sauce or a side of yogurt for a cooling contrast to the spicy flavors.

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