Mango / Passion Lassi

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Mango lassi, a popular variation of the traditional Indian yogurt-based drink, is a delightful and tropical beverage made with ripe mangoes, yogurt, water, and a touch of sugar. This creamy and fruity concoction is cherished for its refreshing and sweet flavors.

The origins of mango lassi can be traced to India, where mangoes are celebrated as the king of fruits. During mango season, which typically falls in the summer months, ripe mangoes are pureed and blended with yogurt to create this luscious drink. The natural sweetness of mangoes pairs perfectly with the tanginess of yogurt, resulting in a smooth and velvety texture.

To prepare mango lassi, fresh mango pulp is combined with chilled yogurt and water, then sweetened with sugar or honey to taste. The mixture is blended until creamy and served cold, often garnished with a sprinkle of ground cardamom or a few slivers of almonds for added flair.

Mango lassi is a beloved beverage enjoyed across India and in Indian restaurants worldwide, especially during hot weather when the refreshing taste of mango provides a delightful escape from the heat. Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat or alongside spicy Indian dishes, mango lassi captures the essence of summer with its tropical and creamy goodness, making it a favorite among both locals and enthusiasts of Indian cuisine.

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