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Milkshakes are usually described as flavored milk and ice cream beverages, usually lavishly decorated and served cold. The first written mention, dating from 1885, was somewhat different, and the word was used to refer to a whiskey drink, similar to eggnog, which was used as a health remedy.

At the end of the 19th century, milkshakes were already prepared as milk-based drinks made with flavored syrups. The invention of malted milk powders which contained dried milk, malted barley, and wheat flour, along with the popularization of electric blenders, inspired the creation of a more familiar milkshake version.

These inventions transformed the old-fashioned milkshake into a creamy and airy form that we are more familiar with today. The final contribution to the modern milkshake was made by Ivar “Pop” Coulson, an employee at the Walgreens supermarket, who added scoops of vanilla ice cream to the already famous malted drink.

The creamy, cold drink became an instant hit among Americans, especially teenagers, who would regularly enjoy their milkshakes in diners and fast-food restaurants. The soda fountains equipped with different flavored milkshakes were also put in drugstores as a quick and convenient refreshment.

Although not as popular as they were in the 1950s and the 1960s, they are still a crucial part of American culture, reminiscent of youth and enjoyment. This frothy, refreshing beverage is also favored in Australia and the United Kingdom, where it is usually sold in fast-food restaurants and specialized establishments.

Modern-day milkshakes, on the other hand, include some unusual varieties such as mango or mocha, and might include luxury ingredients or even be spiked with alcohol. The recent growth in popularity has led to the emergence of numerous artisan shops that create show-stopping milkshake creations infused with popular candies, whipped cream, marshmallows, and even bacon or blended doughnuts!

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