Masala Mayo Chips

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Masala mayo chips are a delicious and flavorful snack featuring crispy potato chips tossed in a spiced mayo mixture. This savory dish is popular in India and offers a delightful combination of crunchy chips with creamy, tangy mayo seasoned with Indian spices.

To prepare masala mayo chips, start by selecting your favorite potato chips (store-bought or homemade). In a mixing bowl, combine mayonnaise with a variety of spices and seasonings such as chaat masala, red chili powder, cumin powder, salt, and a squeeze of lemon juice for brightness.

The spiced mayo mixture is then generously drizzled over the potato chips, ensuring each chip is coated with the flavorful sauce. Toss the chips gently to distribute the masala mayo evenly.

The addition of spices like chaat masala, red chili powder, and cumin powder imparts a zesty and slightly spicy flavor to the mayo, complementing the natural crunchiness of the potato chips. The creamy texture of the mayo adds a rich and indulgent element to this snack.

Masala mayo chips can be served as a standalone snack or as a fun appetizer at parties and gatherings. They are perfect for enjoying with friends and family while watching movies or sports events.

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