Dahi Puri

TSh 8,000

Hailing from Maharashtra, dahi puri consists of a puri shell that is hollowed out, then stuffed with potatoes, chaat masala, onions, and a variety of chutneys before it is finished with beaten yogurt, crunchy sev (crispy strands of flour), and a few fresh coriander leaves on top.

This dish is a variation of the popular Indian street snack called panipuri, and it derives its name from the words dahi, meaning thick yogurt, and puri, which is a round, crispy-fried, and puffy Indian bread. The stuffing can be enhanced with the addition of other ingredients such as sprouted mung beans or boiled black chickpeas.

This savory Indian specialty is a popular street food item and a common party snack served at kitty parties.

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